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Bloodline from the Warm Springs & Ft. Belknap reservations. Enrolled in the Warm Springs tribe of Oregon. I grew up on the Ft. Belknap Assiniboine & Gro Ventre indian reservation in Lodge Pole, Montana with my grandfather George Berry-Speakthunder. After my grandfather passed away in 1995 I moved back to Warm Springs and began spiraling out of control from alcohol and drug use. During this time though, I got my start at rapping and music at the age of 15 with my brothers/mentors Jsk, Juice, Lil Bull, Jode Goudy, Buffalo, Del Kapone and Tha Restless Savage from Str8 Savage Ent., 7Drumz and Big Chiefin' Records.

Recognizing having a problem with legal issues as a juvenile with alcohol an drugs, I went against my grandmother's will to sign up in a private "all indian" boarding school, Sherman Indian High School, in Riverside, Ca. There I cleaned up from drugs but was still drinking heavily. I began taking a few music lessons at the school and started taking music a little more serious there. I did my first EP called "F.A.D. - Nothin But Love" with only 250 cd's. Shortly after I was suspened from school for drinking and few months after returning back to school there I had withdrew from and moved to the Santa Rosa Rancheria in Lemoore, Ca. to continue doing music.

About the time I was turning 18 I caught a gun possession and vehicle thieft charge and was later released on felony probation. When I got out of jail I never reported to probation and fled the state of California. I was arrested in Portland, Oregon an extradited back to California 8mths later. After returning back to California I was sentenced to 3yrs in a California State Prison and my music was put on hold.

When i was released from prison I had set up arrangements to transfer my parole to Oregon. I started doing music again when I got back home I also hooked back up with Jsk and was introduced to Ryan Craig & Nate Winishut of the RezHogs. We recorded "Boss'd Up & Getn Money" a compliation album "not yet released" with them. And I had other artist on that album too around the area: Juice, Lil Bull, Native Mist, Bobbit, Lil Dubz and Evan Cochran. But at that time I was starting to go back to my old ways and eventually I ended up violating parole. Unfortunately, I was sent back to California for a gun possession and a sales charge. So I was returned back to prison, never to be able to transfer back to Oregon again. When I was released from prison I really had nowhere to go and was told by my parole agent to report to a homeless shelter. But my dumb ass, as prideful as I am. I never did. I absconded parole and fled back to Oregon. I began to push dope again. Music was still a big part of my life then, although I was heading down the wrong path. I started a little crew called "Indian Pride" or "I.P." from which I adopted from a prison gang in California I was involved with while incarcerated. During this time I managed to record over 75+ songs "not yet released", which included my cousin Bruce-E's "EP" album "SpeakThunder", my crew's album "Tha Indian Priderz" and the "Hog'n Ova Game Mixtape Vol.1". And was also in the process to start recording a album for my friend Lil dubz on the H.O.G. label.

With my luck, while I was on the run from parole, I was arrested in Warm Springs for another gun possession and sales charge. I ended up sitting 16months in tribal jail for that. When I finished up that sentence in tribal, Califorina parole came to extradite me back to Cali. Upon returning back to California for violating my parole, I was sentenced 1yr "flat time" from the California Board of Prison Terms for the charges in Oregon. But as i always make the best decisions. When my sentence was completed I absconed parole and fled back to Warm Springs. Sadly, I was eventually caught again and returned back to California for violating parole, again. When I was released from prison this time, I decided it was time to man up an take my parole in stride and stay in california for tha remainder of my parole conditions.

Fuck, finally, after discharging parole and giving back their number to the state. I got back to my little music career an started recording again with a few of my friends around the Central California area: D.A Jimmy Swagga, Mac Bones, Blak Mac, Erocc, Wes Waters, Bari Believes, J.P and CritiKal. Shit, I even sent for some of my family and friends back home to come to cali: Juice, Ted "Boo" Barney, Young D, Lil Dubz and Sonny Star to do music. We recorded numerous songs but i haven't released them yet due to lack of funds during that time. Times were hard for me while I was living with my girlfriend then, Favianna. I ain't going to lie, I began to sell drugs again becuase I felt that this is all I knew best, to survive an pay bills. For 3yrs I quietly sold dope, made little music and i also worked for a beef slaughter plant. Reluctantly, during that time, i managed to provide for my family. But I knew my time was coming to an end in the "game". And i admit, times were getting very drastic with the snitches (my in-laws) and cops in and around the area i was living at. I had lost my job. And I began pushing more drugs. During that time, music was hardly a factor in his life anymore. In 2012 I was arrested again for drugs and possession of a firearm and was out on bail.

In 2014 while I was still fighting the last "sales" charge, I was arrested again for another sales and violating my "bail release". I'm currently awaiting sentencing and looking at a 6yr sentence for "priors". While waiting for sentencing, I had hooked up with a producer named D.j. Goofy of Wotah Company Ent./Management. I'm in the process of recording my first LP album titled "Real Life Trap'n", from my Hog'n Ova Game Records label. And I also have intentions of "soft dropping"/releasing the the past recordings and albums following the release of my album...